Multi Level

Multi-level, or in other words two-level ceilings is a popular design solution that is perfect for both office and home interiors. The relief stepped stretch ceiling visually enlarges the space, making it truly unique.

Two-level ceilings perfectly cope with the task of zoning the room, as well as reliably mask complex lighting and ventilation systems. The two-level construction helps to hide all communications and any defects of the base ceiling. Installation of a two-level ceiling will be a good solution if you need to visually divide the room into zones. This ceiling design is relevant for both spacious rooms and relatively small rooms.

Different levels of ceiling and local lighting will help you to separate the kitchen from the dining room, the bedroom from the living room, the resting place from the office. In addition, the two-level ceilings allow visually correct proportions of the room: to raise the low ceiling, shorten too long room to expand or narrow to make a more comfortable, too spacious hall.